The Importance of Investing In a Biometric Access Control System

Time and attendance control solutions; also known as clocking machines, clocking-in systems, biometric systems and fingerprint clocking systems; have become a must-have in both large and small businesses, across all sectors.

A time attendance system not only helps employees to fulfil their obligations towards the HR department and their various payroll requirements, but it can also help a business to identify areas where efficiency can be improved. As many business owners will agree, time and people are your most valuable commodities. When time is accurately monitored, you will be able to:

While there are many companies that are still using manual timesheets, an even larger number of corporations are switching to time attendance apps and biometric tracking systems for improved accuracy and automation of time calculations. With paper-based timesheets, there is always the risk of fraud or the risk that important documentation may be lost, not to mention the time-consuming task of manually capturing and potentially incorrectly calculating the total hours worked. All of this can be avoided by implementing a quality time and attendance system. If a dispute arises regarding the payroll or the time that an employee has worked, the system can easily be accessed to resolve the situation.

Another benefit of a biometric clocking system is that it eliminates an employee’s need to keep his timesheet updated. Not only that but it also eliminates all the administration required in maintaining manual time sheets. By simply swiping a card or using a their fingerprint, the employee’s attendance and movements will be automatically tracked for them. This data can be shared with your HR department and the risk of human error is greatly reduced.

Regardless of the industry you belong to or the types of tasks that your employees have to complete, most companies will agree that their staff is their biggest expense. If you are not accurately monitoring the hours your employees are working, then you are potentially paying employees for hours they are not actually working.

Tracking the precise hours worked and calculating accrued benefits manually is an outdated way for HR and payroll to do their jobs. Eliminate duplicated spreadsheets, mountains of paperwork and inefficient administration processes by investing in a high-quality, cloud based, automated clocking system for your company.

Introducing a New Way to Track Time and Attendance

Beyond Attendance is a team of technically minded people who are passionate about technology. Their cloud based clocking system solution has an intuitive interface that enables the user to quickly and easily navigate the system. With only a few clicks and taps, you will be able to find the information and data you need, all labelled in a logical order so that you can seamlessly use the system.

The dashboard also offers real-time performance indicators. If you want to be able to see who is present, absent or away, you can view this data in real time. You can also choose to see graphical representations of your workforce via clearly labelled information graphs. You may even choose to zone in on niche information such as workers who have missed a scan or the number of overtime days that have been worked.

The Beyond Attendance team took their intuitive interface one step further to make sure that users are able to solve problems quickly. Jenkins is a virtual assistant that can answer your questions on demand. If you want to know who left work early on a Friday or who arrived late on a Monday, you can simply ask in natural English and he will respond in kind. Jenkins has been optimised with natural language processing abilities. So, you can easily ask a question such as ‘who arrived late today?’ to get the feedback you need.

The interface also offers multi-user support. This means that multiple user accounts can be linked to your company’s time and attendance system. This type of shared access ensures that all the appropriate people have joint access to important employee information.

Mobile Clocking System Solutions

Today’s workforce is no longer necessarily office based. Many employees have flexible working schedules and remote working arrangements with their employers. Adding to this complexity is the following:

Beyond Attendance has its own mobile application, available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, that enables employees to check in remotely via their smartphones. In this way, you can ensure that all employees are managing and tracking their time according to the same system. The system makes use of their phone’s internal GPS chip to geo-tag their location when they clock in. Employees can also view their personal work schedule on the interface resulting in a more unified and connected work force, as well as send requests for leave to the HR department for approval. The system is compatible with smartphones and tablets, which allows for complete mobility when managing your employees from outside the office.

There are multi-site capabilities for companies who are spread across different geographies. If you are doing business across borders or in different locations in the country, then you can choose to spread your biometric devices across these sites while easily connecting to a single, cloud based control point allowing for easy and centralised management.

How Much Does The Biometric System Cost?

The great news is that the product is free for 5 or fewer employees! No trial period and no time limit - just the fully functional software and supporting app. Beyond Attendance has a scaled pricing model allowing you to choose the offering that best suits your needs and offers maximum value for money.

What Type Of Biometric Input Does The System Make Use Of?

Beyond Attendance offers full support for a wide range of biometric devices including:

What Formats Are The Reports In?

Almost all reports are created as PDF documents allowing for maximum compatibility regardless of the operating system or the type of device used. Payroll reports are created using Excel CSV format for easy import into all major payroll systems.

The reports are generated silently in the background. Due to the fact that the team used the latest technologies and methodologies to develop the system, you can rest assured that you will enjoy a fast and fluid experience. The days of sitting around and looking at icons that are busy loading are a thing of the past – you will be able to create every type of report available and even tap into years’ worth of data in a matter of seconds.

The reports can be emailed directly to multiple people. Copies of all the reports that you generate will be available on the Report History tab so that you can instantly download them when you need them.

Beyond Attendance’s website data and imagery are stored locally by the user’s web browser in order to minimise the amount of data transfer that is needed. The end result of all this attention to detail is web-based software that feels more like a stand-alone application, installed on the user’s computer, rather than software that is hosted in the cloud.

The solution has also been optimised for people who don’t have super-fast internet connections. Regardless of where your employees are based and what type of internet connection they have available, they will be able to:

Is the Software Mobile Friendly?

The team at Beyond Attendance has created the system with mobile devices in mind. An ever-increasing number of people use their phones as their computers. This means that if you are not able to access your data while you are on the move, then any type of software solution or digital interface is pointless.

If you have an internet connection, you can access the interface from any device. Whether you are on your desktop computer, a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet, the intuitive system will scale to the resolution of your device so that you have a seamless, predictable experience, regardless of the device you are using.

The system is ultra-secure and the apps are supported by Windows, iPhone and Android-based devices. So, you and your workforce won’t have to change the devices you are using. Employees can also check-in remotely with GPS tagged locations to:

How secure is your data?

Beyond Attendance makes use of industry standard HTTPS secure internet connections to ensure that your data cannot be intercepted by a 3rd party. Additionally, should you feel your account has been compromised, you can reset your password at any time via an encrypted email.

Beyond Attendance makes use of the Microsoft Azure network to ensure all databases and data are secured behind industry-leading encryption and firewall protocols, affording you maximum reassurance that your data is in safe hands. All servers are replicated across multiple geographic locations to ensure there is minimal risk of downtime.

The software also adheres to the latest international standards of privacy meaning your personal information is locked away and secure from any prying eyes. Not even the Beyond Attendance team can access this data as it is encrypted and non-accessible from themselves.

Which industries would benefit from a biometric security system?

The above are only some of the industries that are enjoying the great benefits offered by clocking systems. Other industries which have adopted these systems include:

It is time to change the way you have been tracking time and attendance. You can do this by investing in a biometric access control system that is flexible, seamless and efficient and that offers real-time tracking. Our team is available to give you a demonstration. They will answer any question that you may have about our world-class clocking system that promises to change the way you do business. Contact us for more information about our biometric access control system today.

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