Richard Branson said “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients”. Time and attendance is traditionally used to police staff but the Beyond Attendance team see time and attendance very differently. It is a tool that should be used to acknowledge those who work hard instead of punishing those who don’t. read more

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The Beyond Attendance team are a driven group of technical minded individuals with many years’ experience in the industry. Our drive and passion for technology allows us to stay at the forefront of our field and consistently offer the best end user experience possible.

Our base of operations are located in South Africa with servers in Northern Europe. We make extensive use of Microsoft technologies and services which enables us to ensure data integrity and instant scalability.

Our team prides themselves on exceptional after sales support knowing full well how vital constant up-time is when dealing with payroll related activities. We are dedicated to serving you with the best possible product offering to fit you and your organisation’s needs, so get in touch with us and let’s make your time and attendance work for you!


Natural Language Processing
Our friendly digital assistant Jenkins is available to assist you by simply asking him a question such as “Who arrived late today?”
Free Pricing Tier
The product is free for 5 employees or less! No trial, no time limit, just the fully functional software and supporting app.
Mobile Application
Beyond Attendance has its own mobile application that enables employees to check in remotely and view their personal work schedule resulting in a more unified and connected work force.
Fully featured dashboard provides vital, real time statistics and data allowing for rapid responses to staff attendance issues.
Multi-User Support
Multiple user accounts can be linked to a single company allowing for shared access to the system.
Multi-Site Capabilities
Biometric devices can be spread around the globe while connecting to a single control point allowing for easy, centralised management.


Advanced Work Rules
Highly flexible shift rules that can cater for the simplest to most complex working environments affording the user maximum control.
Biometric Support
Full support for a wide range of biometric devices including finger, facial, blood vessel mapping and full palm scanning.
Real Time Data
All data is captured in real time allowing for reporting that is accurate to within a few seconds. No manual syncing or calculating required!
PDF Reports
All reports are created as PDF documents allowing for maximum compatibility regardless of operating system or device type.
Mobile Friendly
Compatible with tablets and smart phones which allows for complete mobility when managing your employees from outside the office.
Flexible Pricing
The product has a scaled pricing model allowing you to choose the offering that best suits your needs and offers maximum value for money.


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Please feel free to contact us should you have any enquiries at all
+27 (0)31 764 8550


Beyond Attendance is also available in an offline, desktop variant. If you are located in a remote area with limited or no internet connection, our desktop variant would be a better fit for your needs. It is a fully featured product that runs on all currently supported versions of Microsoft Windows.

Low bandwidth and data usage
Beyond Attendance Desktop works in an offline environment requiring an automated, once a day connection for license verification.
On-premise Data
All data is stored locally within a Microsoft SQL database affording the user maximum control over their data.
Local Network
Beyond Attendance Desktop is installed on a single dedicated PC with other PC’s on the same network able to connect to the host PC in a client capacity.
Full Biometric Support
Beyond Attendance Desktop supports a wide range of Biometric device from finger to facial to full palm devices.
Access Control Support
The desktop version supports Access control capabilities resulting in the devices being able to control turnstiles and magnetic door locks for applications where access to a particular area needs to be restricted.
Desktop to Web Conversion
Beyond Attendance Desktop can export all user data to the web based version in the event that a user wants to migrate their data to the cloud.


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